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Orion 27

Orion 27 side view.

The Orion 27 is a new boat from a new boat company. On this project, I provided the structural design and machinery layout. As these boats are all semi-custom, I have been providing ongoing support for each of the boats as they are built. I am also working on some updates to the deck, structure and machinery to make the boats easier to build.

Orion 27 helm console.

The Orion 27 is a hard-core, no nonsense fishing machine. Power is from a standard Yanmar 315 hp diesel turning a conventional shaft. The construction is solid fiberglass with foam cored fiberglass stringers. To say this boat was overbuilt is an understatement! The pictures are of the first boat and I was very impressed by the quality and the performance.

Orion 27 engine room.

If you are looking for a simple, straightforward fishing machine, check out the Orion 27!
Orion 27 up and running!
Orion on a trailer!

More photo's of the Orion 27 can be found on their Photobucket page!

For more information, contact:

Orion Boat Company


Phone: 786-266-1220

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