Looking aft you can see the large storage area just aft of the fuel tank. Ben is going to mount all of his pumps and the transducer in this area as it is easily accessed from a hatch in the deck. The spaces outboard of the center bilge area will be filled with flotation foam. The cockpit sole will be glued down and tabbed in all the way around, including to the transom. The motorwell sides will then be glassed to the transom and to the sole, creating knees to keep the transom from flexing. Although with the transom being over 2" thick, it probably wouldn't flex much anyway! Ben wasn't comfortable with the scupper drains that are supposed to go through the transom as he felt they were a little too close to the water. So he has designed a sealed sump system with a macerator pump to drain the deck, eliminating the scuppers which on a small boat are a major cause of sinking. Check out Ben's blog at www.buildaboatwithben.com for more detail on the drainage system.

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