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Health Update 8/13/2014! Please click to read!

Image of Crystal 16
Crystal 16 Flats Skiff

Since founding Smith Marine Design in 2003, I have sought to design boats that are not only beautiful, but practical as well. While other designers choose to live on the bleeding edge, I prefer to design more traditional shapes and forms. In my opinion, too many new boats look like the designer didn't know when to stop! The amazing thing is that in their desire to create something different, all these designers have done is create cookie cutter boats that all follow the same formula. Euro transom . . . check! Radius corner windshield . . . check! Elliptical portlight . . . check! It seems the only boats that stand out at a boat show now are the ones with traditional, wholesome good looks. Good design is more than just style. I try to design boats that are efficient to build as well as to operate, virtues that never go out of style!

Kitty Hawk 18
Kitty Hawk 18 Launched!
Construction photos updated 8/13/14!

As the logo above suggests, my spec
ialty is powerboats for sportfishing and cruising. I love small boats and put as much effort and care into the design of a 15' skiff as I do the design of a 45' sportfisherman. My goal is to design the boat that fits your needs, fulfills your dreams and fuels your desire for boating. Whether your need is for a custom design for one-off construction, a design for series production or a stock plan to build in your backyard, I hope you will consider choosing Smith Marine Design to design your next boat.

Image of Osprey under construction
Osprey 18 Under Construction
Construction photos updated 7/08/14!
Osprey 18 Profile
Osprey 18 Flats Skiff

Kitty Hawk 18 Profile
Kitty Hawk 18 Center Console

Kitty Hawk 26 Profile
Kitty Hawk 26 Center Console
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